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JUSTICE What’s the right thing to do?

This is a book I happily stumbled upon at an old book store.

To start, it’s written by Michael J. Sandel, who is not only an American political philosopher, but also a professor at Harvard University. His Harvard course, “Justice”, is illustrious and one of the most highly attended in Harvard’s history. His course is also available online, for free. It’s split into 12 hour-long episodes. Which, by the way, I WILL be watching.

In his book, Sandel takes many controversial topics in everyday society and reveals both sides of the story in a non-biased format. Which, to me, is very important because I have always been the person that wants to know both sides. I hated history all through elementary and middle school. That is, until I reached high school. Instead of learning history through America’s viewpoint, we learned through the world’s standpoint and I loved it. However, this isn’t history. Sandel addresses many social issues a few being,

“Affirmative action, same-sex marriage, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, national service, the moral limits of markets–Sandel relates the big questions of political philosophy to the most vexing issues of the day, and shows how a surer grasp of philosophy can help us make sense of politics, morality, and our own convictions as well.”


Grimm’s Fairy Tales Book Illustrated by Yann Legendre

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Book Illustrated by Yann Legendre.

WTF IS MY LIFE “IB, therefore I BS”

Is it normal to spend 4 hours annotating an 11 page short story? Nope. hmm ..well, I did.

Yep, it’s official, IB is not for me. Don’t know what IB is? Search it up. I think my favorite definitions are the ones on Urban Dictionary. Of course, knowing me, I read through all of them. Let me just say, they’re all true. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

Current Status:

Papers scattered everywhere. Some clipped together, some in specific stacks, some lost. A pile of books I was suppose to read and annotate. Haven’t touched those. School laptop lays amidst the various objects in my room. My suitcase (from last weekends trip), unpacked, in the corner of my room. A separate pile of books I checked out from the library a week ago.. was I suppose to read those? Yep, for personal enjoyment. Look how well that turned out. My favorite part is the small brewing station I created in my room (for tea, of course).

I guess you can say I’m into art.

The art of writing. The art of photography. The art of baking. The art of art. The art brewing tea. Let’s not forget the art of PROCRASTINATING.

Tea Troubles

I cannot explain how much I relate to this. My cabinets use to be filled with boxes of teas I found either atrociously overstimulating or just bland. I ended throwing everything out and starting new. I settled for Teavana and lived happily ever after.

Emma G. Vincent


As I sit in my room typing this I am sipping a mediocre cup of Passion Fruit Mint tea with honey because, I am determined to drink tea. I am one of the many “white girls” obsessed with coffee. Wether it be from Starbucks, or an artsy hole in the wall local coffee shop I will drink and enjoy any cup of coffee. But I am hoping to transfer my love to coffee to its more sophisticated, and healthier counterpart, tea.

This all began on a trip to Peru where with every meal was followed by a cup of tea, whether it be fafa bean, mint, coca, or chamomile, I drank and loved every last sip while I was there. But ever since I got back home I have desperately tried, and failed to recreate those liquid masterpieces my host family created for me. I have tried tea, after tea…

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Pacific Rim Restaurant Review

Edamame are boiled Japanese soybeans tossed in sea salt. Spicy edamame is tossed in Togarashi, a Japanese spice mixture.
Edamame is boiled Japanese soybeans tossed in sea salt. Spicy edamame is tossed in Togarashi, a Japanese spice mixture.
Spicy Basil Vegetable and Tofu: Sauteed vegetables with fried tofu in spicy basil sauce.

The edamame was a little tangy but definitely not flaming hot. It did, however, leave lips red and a little raw. These were actually really good. I’ve had these before, though, and I’ve grown to love them.

The Spicy Basil Vegetables and Tofu was not spicy at all. Upon ordering and throughout the course, I didn’t even realize the menu said it was spicy (they need to change the menu name). This platter was enough for two and was served with white rice (a big plus because I love rice). The vegetables and sauce it was served with was light and tasty. This was also my first encounter with tofu and I loved it. The tofu tasted just like the sauce.

Overall, my meal was light, pleasant, and satisfying. I would definitely return

Be Kind To Animals

Full Of My Curiosities


Couldn’t have agreed more.

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I remember my friend first telling me about podcasts about a year ago. I also remember thinking, ‘ew, isn’t that for old people’. However, the more she told me what she listened to and the different varieties there were, the more I wanted to be part of this whole “podcast” thing. My first podcast series was “Serial”. I am very much into mysteries and true crime. So, this was a good start. I ended up loving it and I’m so anxious for Season 2.

Basically, all I want to say is listen to podcasts. Just do it. It’s not a waste of time. There is so much you can listen to and you can listen to it whenever and wherever.

Arnold Butler- The Painting Storyteller

In Conversation with Artist Arnold Butler – The Painting Storyteller.

It’s incredibly difficult to not be attracted to the work of Arnold Butler. His distinct visual style incorporates various shapes, colours and tones, as he uses unconventional silhouettes and to create larger-than-life highly emotive abstract and astonishing works. And as is the natural progression of attraction, we were as equally drawn to his artist persona as we were his art. Intrigued, we briefly chatted with the artist and storyteller also known as ab2ether about the spiritual nature of his work, his life philosophies, and his interest in leading a natural and holistic lifestyle through his home cultivated garden.

In a few sentences, can you give a brief description of yourself, a bio or artist statement. Who is ab2ether? Where did that name come from?

Arnold Butler is an auto-didactic painter and photographer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.  For Arnold, creating art is akin to the act of translating unfiltered emotions. The work is not about receiving money or accolades, but instead honesty, love and pure intentions. “Simply stated,” he has said, “I don’t paint pictures, I paint my prayers for the Universe to see and hear them.” These words written by Niama Sandy best describe my essence.

In regards to the name ‘aB2ether’, that comes from my fascination with the beyond (ether). I don’t paint to inspire people (People are cool, but they don’t inspire me). I create in hopes of inspiring a universe that keeps inspiring me.

How did you find yourself becoming an artist? In what ways would you describe your journey as an artist thus far?

Honestly, I don’t consider myself an artist. I consider myself as more of a storyteller and I use different mediums to tell these stories. Different interpretations describing the same beautiful feelings.

In regards to my journey, that’s hard to describe because I approach art in an unconventional manner.  I don’t paint pictures – I only paint my prayers. Art is my therapy. I seek art not in the hopes of painting a pretty picture, but rather I seek art like a sinner in need of a divine revelation.

How would you describe your style of painting? Who or what most influences your work?

My style is no style. I paint what I feel and I don’t give a shit about the opinions of others. I mean that in the most respectful way because once I liberated myself from the judgement of others, I became the artist I was destined to be.

On your website, I came across this powerful statement: “I don’t paint pictures, I paint my prayers for the Universe to see and hear them.” Can you elaborate on this? Is art and the process of both creating and absorbing art something spiritual to you?

Like I stated previously, art is more of a spiritual practice for me. Similar to praying, I can only approach art with a honest and humble heart. I paint my personal truth on canvas similar to the truth a believer reveals in a prayer. Radcliffe Bailey once told me that the key to making masterful art is to “make your art so personal that it becomes universal.” I’m pretty locked in on that message.

Beyond the canvas, you seem to be an avid gardener or grower of sorts. Can you tell us more about your natural lifestyle?

I live a natural lifestyle because that’s the way many African people have always lived. I’m just keeping up with family tradition.

How would you describe your philosophy as an artist?

Step 1. Breath

Step 2. Create

Step 3. Fuck what people think.

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Arnold’s Website

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